Age Of Zalmoxis

Official Age Of Zalmoxis Whitepaper, last updated February 2022

What is Age of Zalmoxis - Rise of the Fallen?

A third-person MMORPG with Blockchain and NFT integration in a fantasy version of the Dacian Kingdom grounded in history where threats from other realms converge.

With our vision under the advisory of Prof. Dr. Alexandru Berzovan — doctor in ancient history and archaeology, scientific researcher at the Institute of Archaeology in Iasi, Romania - and a talented team of industry veterans who have worked for Blizzard Entertainment, EA, Firaxis, Google, Sony, Ubisoft, Warner Bros, Zenimax — to name a few, we trust that our project will be one of a kind.


Age of Zalmoxis is an ancient fantasy open world grounded in history. The game focuses on the Eastern European Kingdom of Dacia. It begins shortly after their ruler, First King Burebista, is assassinated. As the Kingdom shatters into tribes, Dacian nobles compete for leadership. Celtic, Roman, and Sarmatian armies prepare to invade, and supernatural threats appear.

The Great Wolf Zalmoxis sees this and sends heroic souls down to the Realm of Earth.

Players take the role of a proud Dacian champion whose body merges with a heroic soul. They will fight otherworldly monsters and mortal foes who seek to further fragment the Dacian Kingdom.

Game Pillars

Evoke awe: Through art and story, create moments of wonder.

Intelligent Innovation: Where concepts can be improved, fearlessly strive ahead.

Reward Investment: On a personal and grand scale, through story and character progression, provide value for a player's in-game time.

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