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Profession Buildings

All details are WIP.
Profession buildings are required for crafting professions. They can be found in cities or built on player-owned land. The list below is a work in progress.
Smithy - Armorsmithing and Weaponsmithing
Workshop - Carpentry and Construction
Kitchen - Cooks make food from
Stable - Breed horses
War Horse Training - Train and gear up your horses
Studium - Scholars, Mystics, and Physicians
Tailorshop - Tailors
Craftshop - Artisans and tinkers
Granary - Stockpile farming harvest
Pier - Small dock for fast travelling, trading and stockpiling
Hunting / Fishing Lodge - Stockpile fish, meat and leather
Trading Post - Marketplace (where owners set the fees)
Port - Fast travel, Marketplace
Bookmaker House - Bets on horse racing and other ancient sports

Resource sites

Resources can be gathered worldwide, but these resource locations allow mass production.
Farms - Grow crops and harvest on a scheduled basis
Stone Quarry - Extract and stockpile stone for building
Lumber / Saw Mill - The place where logs are cut into lumber for Workshop
Claypit - Extract and stockpile clay for building
Fishing / Hunting Lodge - Stockpile fish, meat and leather