Land Chests opening

In Q4, owners of the Land Chests can choose to un-stake and open the Chests. Land plots will be in the form of a token representing its biome. Owning multiple land tokens enables claiming settlements such as the Manor House, Palatium, or Castle. Losing the Chest staking rewards comes with the advantage of choosing where the settlements will be located using the interactive map. Thus, upon opening the chests and selecting the land plots, a new NFT will be minted, representing the coordinates of the land plots chosen.

  • No need to purchase multiple chests at once to have plots laying one next to each other (e.g., it is perfectly fine to purchase five chests now and five chests at a later time as you’ll still be able to unlock a Manor House) ;

  • Can choose which land plot you desire upon opening the chests ;

  • Land plots and claimed settlements CANNOT be staked to yield KOSON;

  • The land chests can also contain other items such as gear or the token allowing you to claim a land plot in the legendary Alpine biome;

  • Land chest staking is aimed to be live on the 20th of June 2022;

  • Claiming settlements do not force you to a specific limit (e.g., having 12 Pontic Land Plot tokens allows you to claim a 12-plot Manor House, even though the minimum required amount of tokens is 10).

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