All details are WIP.
Before the game launch: A player who owns two Origin Souls can summon another soul, a basic one called The Summoned. To avoid hyperinflation of souls, there's a maximum amount of times another hero soul can be summoned.
Summoning a soul costs EGLD and some KOSONs and is contingent on how many times a soul has already been summoned. The EGLD portion is variable and subject to adjustment based on different economic factors.
There's a limit of 6 summons per player/NFT + the hidden Element where all different elements need to participate. (Total 7)
Below is the current estimate of costs for summoning.
Summon Count
Summon Number
EGLD Cost / Summon
Souls of the same Element will summon the same Element.
The KOSON tokens are burned which means the total supply is going down proportionally with the new heroes summoned - "More heroes - Less tokens" while the ELGD tokens are added to the staking rewards and play to earn.
Souls required for the summon is 2 or 6.
Having the 6 of all different elements will summon the 7th Mystic Element.
Note: 6 Origin Elements can summon the 7th Mystic Element one time and the cost is reflected in the Summon table above.
7 days is the waiting time for the new soul to land in your Maiar wallet.
In game: Origin Heroes can summon other element souls in the so called Summoning Temples.
The Temple offering is required from each summoner and consists of the same costs.
Each Player receives a new Element Hero Soul in 7 days.