$KOSON Token

"The Kosons are the only gold coins that have been minted by the Dacians, named after the Greek alphabet inscription "ΚΟΣΩΝ" on them." (Wikipedia)

  • $KOSON is an ESDT token on Elrond Blockchain for Age of Zalmoxis game.

  • Holders can claim rewards if they stake their tokens/NFTs and/or play the game.

  • The token will be unlocked in a pre-determined schedule lasting 78 months from the public sale. (including the Play to Earn allocation, which starts from month 24 up to month 78)

  • The vesting periods vary from 2 to 6 years (more details under each allocation)

  • 10% of the private sale tokens will be unlocked during the KOSON private sale. The remaining private sale tokens will be unlocked quarterly over the next two years.

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