Entertainment Buildings

All details are WIP.
These buildings are for the relaxation and social entertainment.
Quests are offered here, players can meet and roleplay; there are a host of activities planned for entertainment buildings.
Bazaar A stretch of land dedicated to hosting an open market where players can sell their goods, plays and other live entertainment be held.
Tavern Players can rest, find food and drink, meet with friends, or find an adventure. Sometimes a talented bard steps in!
Manor House Nobles and lords survey the land from here. Come to sign a contract to build, farm, or gather on the land. Or take a quest.
Palatium Knights, Lords or Monarchs may reside here. The Palatium is similar to an unfortified castle.
Castle This is built for protection and fortified thoroughly against enemy attack. This location is home to royalty. There are rooms for living, playing, training, and entertaining. These expansive locations are the dream of all humans.