All details are WIP.
The loot dropped from slain monsters or found in a treasure chest could be a weapon, piece of armor, utility item, or even cosmetic ornament. There are various levels of quality to these items. For weapons and gear, the quality is broken into five categories:
  • Inferior A common item of the lowest quality stats
  • Average Typical reward for an easy adventure, purchasable through vendors or created through crafting
  • Superior Reward from highly difficult content; battlegrounds, raids, dungeons, events, etc
  • Masterwork Rewards from the most difficult content in a season.
  • Legendary These are the most rare items. They never require repair. Their stats increase to remain the highest with every update. Their enchantments and augmentation requires progressive updating, allowing players to customize their effectiveness.
    • They will have unique abilities
    • They can be named.
    • They are intelligent. This means they may talk during battle, mocking the enemy you're stabbing
    • They have a simple state machines that creates content based on its desires. You can choose to ignore the desires and its stats will reduce slightly or a random, primarily humorous effect will occur. Or you can perform the requested task.
      • A legendary weapon it could be a "quest giver" saying to you "I want to kill this today" and provide you with a buff that lasts a period of time, some cosmetic VFX, or reveal a cache of coin exclusive to you.
A few legendary weapons and gear are being created for early adopters. There is a chance they will appear in chests during the Land Chest sale.