Land Plots

All details are WIP.

The Land Plot is received as an NFT after you claim your desired land position on the interactive map using your Land token/s.

Resources like trees, ore veins, or plants can spawn on your land (Resource production scales by the number of land plots). Depending on the biome, there is a chance of getting rare resources spawned on your land.

You will have the right to harvest first or allow other players to gather resources spawned on your land with a commission % set by you.

Another advantage of owning a piece of land is choosing a profession building like Smithy / Workshop / Kitchen / Fishery / Studium / Tailor shop / Craft shop, or Farming land. All buildings come with an NPC that takes care of your business while you are away or offline.

Extra buildings available for: • Manor (10+ plots): Stable / Granary / Pier / Hunting Lodge • Palace (50+ plots): Trading Post / War Horse training / Port • Castle (100+ plots): Mystic Temple

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