Land Plots

All details are WIP.
Continental Land Plot
The Land Plot is received as an NFT after you claim your desired land position on the interactive map using your Land token/s.
Resources like trees, ore veins, or plants can spawn on your land (Resource production scales by the number of land plots). Depending on the biome, there is a chance of getting rare resources spawned on your land.
You will have the right to harvest first or allow other players to gather resources spawned on your land with a commission % set by you.
Another advantage of owning a piece of land is choosing a profession building like Smithy / Workshop / Kitchen / Fishery / Studium / Tailor shop / Craft shop, or Farming land. All buildings come with an NPC that takes care of your business while you are away or offline.
Extra buildings available for: • Manor (10+ plots): Stable / Granary / Pier / Hunting Lodge • Palace (50+ plots): Trading Post / War Horse training / Port • Castle (100+ plots): Mystic Temple