Staking the Land Chests

The allocation for Land Chest staking is 18,900,000 KOSON — 7% of total initial total supply — to be distributed over the next two years as follows:

  • 5% Continental: 945,000 KOSON

  • 20% Steppe: 3,780,000 KOSON

  • 30% Panonic: 5,670,000 KOSON

  • 45% Pontic: 8,505,000 KOSON

Example: 100 Pontic Chest were staked in total. The number of KOSON tokens allocated for that day and that type of Chest is 11,650.68. For each Pontic Chest you staked, the reward is 116.50 KOSON the next day at 12 pm UTC.

Land chest staking is aimed to be live on the 20th of June 2022

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