Bringing life to the ancient Dacian period
Players will create a character and participate in a living world. Player characters grow by gaining experience through combat, narrative content, events, crafting, dungeons, and other means. There's a lot to do.
Heroic Souls - Players who purchase a heroic soul are demi-god characters with profound, unique traits. These demi-gods can summon other souls, which become playable characters. Those new souls can summon more souls. More on Heroic Souls here.
Action combat - players can pick from nine fighting styles, each with unique and visually exciting mechanics. Read about Fighting Styles here.
Dynamic content model - in addition to traditional, static quests, the content will react to world events. More on this under Organic Content Model.
Adventurous instances - Dungeons, raids, and events for individuals and teams to progressively hack and slash through. These feature exciting and challenging boss fights, reward gear and resources, and affect the overall world story.
Territory - There are five biomes in the world of AoZ. Players can own plots of land in these biomes, affecting the events that occur here. More on Territory here.
Player cities - Landowners, or the players who rent the land, can set up buildings, provide services, hire workers, and provide narrative, roleplay and crafting content.
Tournaments - in player-run cities, or the capital, players can challenge each other in gladiatorial battles as either individuals or in teams. Glory, fame, and riches will be fought over.
Deep crafting system - Items can be made for both players, their homes, and their land.
Marketplace - an auction house, bank, and related commerce systems will exist both in-game but are accessible out of the game as well. In-game items can be bought or sold at the Marketplace using the $EGLD and/or $KOSON token. These items can be acquired by looting monsters, discovering treasure caches, crafting, and other means.
Unlike other games, Age of Zalmoxis doesn't require the player to pay for the game, a subscription or any prepaid game cards. The game has two ways of free to play: lending a character by splitting profits from the game or using a Dream Soul and experiencing the game in a Demo version.
However, people interested in grabbing an Origin Hero Soul can find them on our Marketplace. There are 6 types of Soul representing different elements which players can redeem in-game when customizing their avatar.
A 7th type can be uncovered by owning all 6 elements and creating a summon.
Players are owners of their assets. They can buy and sell at any time assets using the $ELGD and/or $KOSON token at the Marketplace.