Bringing life to the ancient Dacian period
Players will create a character and participate in a living world. Player characters grow by gaining experience through combat, narrative content, events, crafting, dungeons, and other means. There's a lot to do.
Heroic Souls - Players who purchase a heroic soul are demi-god characters with profound, unique traits. These demi-gods can summon other souls, which become playable characters. Those new souls can summon more souls. More on Heroic Souls here.
Action combat - players can pick from nine fighting styles, each with unique and visually exciting mechanics. Read about Fighting Styles here.
Dynamic content model - Besides traditional, static quests, the content will react to world events—more under Organic Content Model.
Adventurous instances - Dungeons, raids, and events for individuals and teams to hack and slash through progressively. These feature exciting and challenging boss fights, reward gear and resources and affect the overall world story.
Territory - There are five biomes in the world of AoZ. Players can own plots of land in these biomes, affecting the events that occur here. More on Territory here.
Player cities - Landowners, or the players who rent the land, can set up buildings, provide services, hire workers, and provide narrative, roleplay, and crafting content.
Tournaments - players can challenge each other in gladiatorial battles as individuals or teams in player-run cities or the capital. Glory, fame, and riches will be fought over.
Deep crafting system - Items can be made for players, their homes, and their land.
Marketplace - an auction house, bank, and related commerce systems will exist both in-game but are accessible outside the game. In-game items can be bought or sold at the Marketplace using the $EGLD and/or $KOSON token. These items can be acquired by looting monsters, discovering treasure caches, crafting, etc.
Unlike other games, Age of Zalmoxis doesn't require the player to pay for the game, a subscription, or any prepaid game cards. Instead, the game has two free-to-play ways: lending a character by splitting profits from the game or using a Dream Soul and experiencing the game in a Demo version.
However, people interested in grabbing an Origin Hero Soul can find them on our Marketplace. Six types of Soul represent different elements that players can redeem in-game when customizing their avatar.
A 7th type can be uncovered by owning all six elements and creating a summon.
Players are owners of their assets. Therefore, they can buy and sell at any time assets using the $ELGD and/or $KOSON token in the Marketplace.